Stock selection is based upon a simple traffic light system


We are always looking for investment opportunities and introductions to potential JV partners. This covers all sectors, however most of our focus tends to be in ‘the Alternatives’ and asset backed operational businesses. When acquiring an asset, we seek to realise value through active asset management, whilst matching off specific investor risk appetite against target returns.

Our investment philosophy and stock selection is based on a simple traffic light system to ensure investors returns meet investor risk appetite.


Long term wealth preservation. Low risk, with IRR target returns of 7.5% – 10%pa. Examples of this would be long lease, fixed RPI index linked reviews.


Income producing assets, but with opportunities to add value through additional investment and a proactive asset management strategy. Low/Medium risk, with IRR target returns of 10% – 12.5%pa. An example of this would be operational assets, such as purpose-built student accommodation.


Development opportunities, or major asset management projects with significant capital investment required to realise the final investment value. Medium/High risk, with target IRR’s of 12.5% – 20%+pa. This can typically be in any sector.

For more details about what we do, or if you are an investment agent/broker and would like to discuss an opportunity, please contact us.