Throughout History, land and  real estate has been Shaped by the needs of people

Our approach to real estate investment is 100% driven by our focus on people:

  • for our clients, and meeting their individual needs;

  • with our market contacts, sourcing investment opportunities and creating joint venture partnerships;

  • and, because of the insight this focus on people brings in our search to spot new supply/demand trends and our ability to extract superior returns.

Throughout history, land and real estate has been crafted, defined and adapted by the needs of people. By spotting social trends, and how these are supported or hindered by external influences, we seek to extract upside, or protect from downside risk in our investment making decisions. We are interested in all real estate sectors where we perceive value. Obvious themes for us at present are around: –

the aging population of the Baby Boomers and their retirement living and healthcare needs;

attitudes towards the shared economy and its wider influence on the future of residential ownership verses renting;

the gig economy & flexible working and its impact on the future of the workplace, design and connectivity;

the emphasis on education, both in the early years, as well as at university level with its promotion as a UK export;

the changing habits of shoppers, the need for new, last-mile distribution networks and re-imagining the high street and its future purpose;

the influence of increasing demand for experiential, leisure activities rather than material possessions;

the relatively recent spotlight on the risks associated with over dependence on globalised and just-in-time manufacturing;

the increasing demand from the grassroot activists for green solutions, including sustainable buildings;

the necessity of pensions funds to match off their liabilities with absolute returns.

All the above people-influences are producing often significant impacts and change in the real estate sector. As the needs of people evolve, sometimes rapidly, sometimes almost imperceptibly, our aim is to be ahead of the curve in spotting those influences.

For more details about what we do, or if you are an investment agent/broker and would like to discuss an opportunity, please contact us.